Energy savings with new axial flow fan


Through several years Grundfos has worked together with EnergiMidt in Denmark in finding cost-effective energy projects. The production at Grundfos consumes a great deal of energy and, therefore, it is also natural to be aware of the energy consumption and try to minimize it, wherever possible. EnergiMidt acts as consultant and handles measurings, calculations and analysis.

In cooperation with Novenco measurings have now been made on the old Grundfos plants with belt-driven centrifugal fans.

The measurings showed an energy consumption of 14.7 kW. After replacement of the centrifugal fan with a new axial flow fan the energy consumption was 5.7 kW.

At 8,000 operating hours the result is a yearly reduction of the energy consumption of 72,000 kWh or equal to an energy saving of 61%!

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