Certified Smoke Control

Novenco, a certified smoke control company

Novenco Netherlands is one of the first companies in the industry to have been certified by the Dutch NCP as a qualified smoke control company. You can now contact Novenco for a certified smoke control system.

Certified smoke control system
The regulations on "Smoke Control Systems" from the National Centre for Prevention (NCP) were brought into operation on April 1, 2002. The Fire Prevention Council approved the regulations, which have been developed over the previous three years by a board of specialists.

The goal of these regulations was to establish a mark of quality for safety installations in the event of fire. In view of the number of fires resulting in fatalities over the last few years, there was clearly a pressing need for such legislation. The Smoke Control Systems regulation can be obtained at the NCP headquarters in Houten, The Netherlands.

A list of demands can be formulated at the request of a third party such as the fire brigade. This can also be done by the NCP-certified PVE draughtsman.

Novenco is certified to design, deliver, install and maintain smoke control systems.